Why Velvet Elves is WAY Cooler Than What You are Currently Using

Cooler Than Yours

                          Man and machine living in harmony.

In one word, AUTOMATION. We are taking file processing to the next level using technology. Once your file is uploaded into VE our “smart task list”™ generates a timeline specific task list to help you navigate each individual file. Yep, VE will email you daily when you need to do something, and leave you alone on the days you don’t. VE automatically introduces itself to your client for you, and lets the agent on the other side of the deal know what’s up – without you having to lift a finger.

This is just one reason, amongst 7,324 other reasons…

With targeted descriptions on every task in the transaction-specific smart task list, VE takes the guesswork out of how to take command of your transactions. Being a great real estate agent often translates into babysitting… *ahem*… managing everyone involved with the transaction. With VE, that gets just a little bit easier. Not only does the smart task list enable you to stay on top of the transaction, it lets your inner rock-star shine through for your client. With their own, personalized, dashboard, your client will know what’s going on every step of the way through their transaction. They’ll get email updates every time a major milestone is achieved, and the opportunity to share that socially. We think that’s exciting because it gives you the opportunity to up your referral game by letting your clients advertise for you in their social media feeds throughout the life of the transaction. You get to share the spotlight as they share their excitement about their home sale or purchase. From the brand new agent, to the 30-year veteran, VE has something to offer all skill levels.